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Wholesale Claw Hammer

Wholesale claw hammers from SINOTOOLS are forged at one piece and are very durable and long lasting striking tools. The claw hammer is a versatile hammer with a flat head and a claw that is perfect for prying nails and other objects, designed for professionals such as pile-drivers, roofers, carpenters, contractors, tradesmen and serious DIYers.

Our claw hammers have the best quality you can buy at an affordable price. We have completed bulk orders from America, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Experience makes us your reliable choice. Inquire now to get a quote.


Wholesale Claw Hammers Features

-Multiple weight specifications. Taking 20 oz. as the standard, you can find both light duty utility claw hammers and heavy duty industrial claw hammers here.

-Multiple handle materials. Wooden handles are inexpensive and molded steel and fiberglass handles (with rubber grips) are easier to grip.

-Different claw types. There are two types of wholesale claw hammers, curved and straight claw, for different applications (nail extraction/integral demolition).

Uses of Wholesale Claw Hammers

Claw hammers are a versatile tool for a variety of tasks, making them a must-have on the shelves of any hand tool store. Here are some common uses for our wholesale claw hammers:

-Nailing: Claw hammers are primarily used for driving nails into wood, making them a staple tool for construction workers, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts. The flat end of the hammer's head is used to strike the nail, driving it into the wood.

-Demolition: Claw hammers are also useful for demolition projects. The claw end of the hammer can be used to pry apart wood, remove damaged pieces of wood, or even take down drywall.

-Pulling Nails: When a nail needs to be removed from wood, the claw end of the hammer can be used to grip the nail and pull it out. This feature is particularly useful for renovating old homes or when making repairs.

In short, our wholesale claw hammers are as hot as any of our other hammers around the world. They are suitable for DIY projects, construction work or home repairs, and their versatility and cost effectiveness make them a worthwhile investment for wholesaler and distributor customers.

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