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Wholesale Gear Pullers

Wholesale Gear Pullers at SINOTOOLS, available in classic claw pullers and puller sets. Heat-treated and with a surface anti-corrosion coating, our wholesale pullers have very good strength and longevity.

As a professional hand tools supplier in China, we are committed to providing the best products and services to our customers worldwide. Send your inquiry now to get our latest catalog and a free quote. Feel free to contact us anytime.


What Are Gear Pullers?

Gear pullers are tools used to remove a bearing set from a rotating machine shaft or from a blind bearing bore. The most common application is to remove a set of caged ball bearings or tapered bearings from a rotating shaft, such as an automotive transmission. These tools are made of high quality carbon steel so they have excellent hardness for durability.

Gear pullers are an essential tool for removing shaft mounted components in many industries. Whether it is a small task like auto repair or a large industry like power generation, aerospace, railroads, shipbuilding, etc., gear pullers are widely used. Gear pullers are commonly used for the maintenance of rotating equipment. For example, bearings, gears, sleeves, couplers, etc. In auto repair applications, pullers are often used along with other auto tools.

2-Jaw/3-Jaw Gear Pullers

There are several types of gear pullers on the market. Two-jaw and three-jaw gear bearing pullers are the most common. The two-jaw bearing puller is used to remove bearings with an inside diameter smaller than the width of the puller. Three-jaw bearing pullers are used to remove bearings with an inside diameter greater than the width of the jaws.

The arms have fingers on the end that bend over the race behind the bearing. The center screw of the puller is torqued so it pushes against the top of the shaft and upward thrust is applied to the race of the bearing. The arms and fingers are interchangeable so that the same puller can accommodate a variety of bearing and shaft sizes and lengths.

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