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Grinding Wheel Manufacturer

As an experienced grinding wheel manufacturer from China, SINOTOOLS supply grinding wheels that come in a variety of types and sizes, but their basic composition and properties are essentially the same regardless of their size, shape or use. Inquire now to get a free quote!

A variety of grinding wheels are ideal for cutting ceramics, masonry, plastics, other non-ferrous materials, concrete or asphalt. All are made of high quality abrasives that produce a clean and neat surface. Grinding wheels are well suited for aluminum grinding, manufacturing, general maintenance work, etc.

We are committed to being the most trusted grinding wheel manufacturer for retailer customers all over the world. Best products and service are our final goal.


Wholesale Grinding Wheel Features:

-Made of silicon or aluminum oxide

-Designed for use on most stationary bench grinders

-Suitable for general grinding and lapping applications on mild steel

-Not suitable for carbide applications

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Plastic Base Abrasive Disc

Item No.: T09403

Wheel Size (D×H): 4"×5/8" 4-1/2"×7/8" 5"×7/8" 6"×7/8" 7"×7/8" 9"×7/8"

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Flat/Turbo Fiber Disc

Item No.: T09402

Wheel Size (D×H): 4"×5/8" 4-1/2"×7/8" 6"×7/8" 7"×7/8" 9"×7/8"

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Abrasive Flat Disc

Item No.: T09401

Wheel Size (D×H): 4" 4-1/2" 5" 6" 7"

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