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Non Sparking Tools Wholesale

Wholesale non sparking tools from SINOTOOLS are available in a variety of standard sizes. They are specifically designed to eliminate the risk of sparks in areas where explosive atmospheres may be present, safe for use in explosion-proof areas and where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dust or residues exist.

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What are Non Sparking Tools?

Non-sparking tools, as their name implies, do not produce (hot) sparks. As such, they are ideal for work involving flammable materials. When working in facilities/areas containing flammable solids, liquids or gases, the use of non-sparking tools is essential to avoid fires.

What are Non sparking Tools Made of?

Non-sparking tools are made up of copper-based alloys such as copper-titanium, copper-nickel, copper-aluminum (or aluminum-bronze), bronze or brass. When impacted, they produce a cold spark that is too small to ignite any combustible material in the environment. Therefore, non sparking tools are safer than ordinary steel tools in working environments in industries such as petroleum, chemical or coal mining.

What Industries Use Non Sparking Tools?

Industries where there is a high risk of explosion or fire, such as oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical, paint manufacturing, power plants, explosives, etc., should use non-sparking tools. Industries that process, manufacture, store or transport flammable materials are high-risk work environments where additional safety precautions must be taken to reduce fires, such as the use of non sparking tools.

How Do Non Sparking Tools Work?

Non-sparking tools are made of copper alloys, and the basic properties of copper are the main factor in their non-sparking nature. Copper has excellent thermal and electrical properties, so it can transfer heat quickly. When a spark of friction occurs between copper and a hard surface, the energy generated at the point of friction is quickly absorbed by the copper, ultimately producing only a cold spark that does not ignite any object.

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Item No.: T26009

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