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SINOTOOLS provide top quality wholesale power tools. We use premium technology, including more extended life power, cutting-edge innovations and reliable mechanics to make our wholesale power tools more efficient than ever. We supply a wide range of wholesale power tools, including angle grinders, cordless drills, electric blowers and etc. Customer all over the world is welcomed to inquire. Contact now to get a free quote!


What are power tools used for?

Power tools are widely used in industry, construction, garden and household work, such as drilling, cutting, grinding, polishing and other purposes. Power tools can help you get things done quickly and efficiently, and provide more power, better accuracy, and more perfect finish. That's why our wholesale power tools are always popular with retailers all over the world.

Power tools have better efficiency, accuracy, and can do the same task in significantly less time. Power tools are versatile and perform well in hard-to-reach places, making it easier to work in tight spaces. Several of our wholesale power tools have specialized designs designed to serve highly specific functions. Many of them have a range of adjustable settings to better control more tasks.

What are the types of wholesale power tools?

There are two main types of our wholesale power tools: stationary and portable. The stationary type is larger, not easy to move, and requires a cable to connect to a power source in order to work. However, stationary power tools tend to be stronger and suitable for industry. Portable, also called cordless power tools, are usually light enough to be used handheld.

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Electric Drill

Item No.: T25104

Drilling capacity: 10mm

No-load speed: 0-800r/min

Rated input power: 260W

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Electric Drill

Item No.: T25103

Drilling capacity: 10mm

No-load speed: 0-1200r/min

Rated input power: 650W

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Electric Drill

Item No.: T25102

Drilling capacity: 36mm

No-load speed: 0-550r/min

Rated input power: 1050W

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Electric Drill

Item No.: T25101

Drilling capacity: 25mm

No-load speed: 0-3500r/min

Rated input power: 400W

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