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Wholesale Plastic Spring Clamps

SINOTOOLS offers wholesale plastic spring clamps in a variety of sizes. Multi-purpose plastic spring clamps for attaching paper, rope, sheets and other items. Made of durable fiberglass plastic with swivel pads on both ends to accommodate irregular shapes without damaging surfaces, these spring clamps are ideal for a variety of fastening, joining and setting applications.

Customers can choose from the models available on our website or opt for OEM orders. Customization of colors, logos and packaging can help commercial customers establish a unique brand.

If you have any needs for all kinds of woodworking clamps, please feel free to contact us. Inquire now for a free quote!


Wholesale Plastic Spring Clamp Features:

· Multi sizes:4'',6'',8'' etc

· High quality plastic materials

· Come in single pieces or combination sets

· Innovative Movable Teeth for Ultimate Flexibility and Tension

Plastic Spring Clamps Applications

Plastic hand clamps can also be used for a variety of purposes in the woodworking industry. Because plastic clamps are small and lightweight, they can be useful in numerous small woodworking projects. Common applications for plastic spring clamps include.

-Gluing. They can be used to clamp pieces of wood together while the glue dries, ensuring a tight fit.

-Clamping jigs. They can be used in clamping jigs to help hold pieces of wood securely in place while cutting or drilling.

-Picture frames. Plastic spring clamps can be used to hold picture frames together while the glue dries or when mounting hardware to hold glass, mats and backsplashes.

-Bent wood. They can be used to clamp wood together as it is bent to ensure the desired shape is achieved.

-Surface clamping. They can also be used for surface clamping, for example, to clamp workpieces to a table while wiring or sanding.

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Ratchet Clamp

Item No.: T06519

Size: 7-1/4" 10"

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Ratchet Clamp

Item No.: T06517

Size: 4" 6" 8"

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6PC Spring Clamp Set

Item No.: T06330

Size: 2×4" 2×6" 2×9"

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10PC Spring Clamp Set

Item No.: T06329

Size: 4×4" 4×6" 2×9"

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4PC Spring Clamp Set

Item No.: T06328

Size: 4×3" Spring Clamp

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4PC Spring Clamp Set

Item No.: T06327

Size: 4×9" Spring Clamp

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