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Wholesale Wire Strippers    

SINOTOOLS is a professional pliers manufacturer offering a full line of wire stripping pliers. Our wholesale wire strippers are manufactured using high quality materials for proven strength and durability. If you are planning to purchase wholesale wire strippers, our products can be the best choice for you. Welcome your inquiry.


Wholesale Wire Stripper Features

Wire strippers are small handheld tools used to remove insulation from wires in order to replace or repair them. These portable, handheld tools are very popular among electricians and even DIYers for replacing or repairing electrical wires.

-Rubber handles for easy grip, non-slip and comfortable

-Induction-hardened cutting edges for more efficient wire stripping

-Meets all ANSI standards, ideal for a wide range of tasks

Benefits of Our Wholesale Wire Stripper

1. Grip. High quality rubber grip for a comfortable grip. It will not hurt the user's hand when stripping the insulation.

2.Easy to use. The right wire stripper should make it easier to get the job done. Our wholesale manual wire stripper offers good precision and strength that can perfectly meet the work needs of electrician maintenance.

3. Safety assurance. For any electrical work, safety is a must. Our wire strippers provide good stability and control when in use.

4. Correct precision. A sharp and durable cutting edge that works well for optimum accuracy.

5. Versatile quality. A manual wire stripper that can also be used as a tool for cutting wires.

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Wire Stripper

Item No.: T01966

Size: 6.5"

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