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The dangers of manual and power tools are evident every year during their emergency visits.

30 Tips for the Safety of Manual and Power Tools

Jul. 11 , 2020

Safety GogglesThe dangers of manual and power tools are evident every year during their emergency visits. However, many of the emergency rooms are caused by misuse of tools and unsafe work. China Hand Tools Factory introduced to you: Proper use and appropriate safety measures can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents.

General safety tips for manual and China Power Tools:

Purchase quality tools. Many tools, including cutters and hammers, should be made of steel and should be heat treated.

Check the tools regularly to ensure they are in good shape and suitable for use.

Make sure to maintain the tool through regular maintenance (such as grinding or sharpening). Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Avoid wearing loose clothes or objects and get caught in the work, because these clothes or objects may be caught in the moving parts of the tool, such as jewelry.

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as leather gloves.

Use the right tools to get the job done. In other words, do not try to use a wrench as a hammer.

Make sure to place your feet on a stable surface.

Pay attention to people around you and make sure they are away from the tools you use.

Never place tools on the ladder by hand. Instead, use a bucket or bag to lift the tool from the ground to the worker.

When working at heights, never place tools in an area that may pose a hazard to workers below.

When appropriate, work with clamps or vices to prevent them from slipping.

Never carry pointed tools in your pocket. Instead, put them in a toolbox or shopping cart.

Check your tools regularly for damage. Report damaged tools to the supervisor.

Be sure to prepare extra tools to prevent damage to the tools you plan to use.

Make sure to store the tool in a safe place.

Safety tips for power tools:

Keep the floor dry and clean, and avoid slipping when using or around dangerous tools.

Prevent the power cord from tripping.

Never carry power tools through the power cord.

Use double-insulated tools or three-core wire tools and insert them into a grounded socket.

Unless the tool is allowed to be used on power tools, do not use it in a humid environment.

Use a ground fault circuit breaker (GFCI) or a guaranteed grounding procedure.

Use appropriate PPE.

Safety tips for pneumatic tools:

Before using, please make sure that all parts of the tool are firmly fixed.

Never point the compressed air gun at yourself or others.

After using the tool, make sure that the pressure has been released before disconnecting the hose.

Use safety clips or retainers to prevent the attachments from popping out during operation, and use a chip guard when cleaning with high-pressure compressed air. Make sure to limit the nozzle pressure to 30 pounds per square inch.

Always wear safety goggles.

Use screens to protect nearby workers from flying debris.

Never leave your tools unattended.

Do not store the loaded air gun.

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