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Note on the use of China Caulking Gun:1. Filling should be smooth and firm

Note on The Use of Caulking Guns

Dec. 05 , 2018

Note on the use of China Caulking Gun:

1. Filling should be smooth and firm

The construction primer must be smooth, strong and dust-free. When filling joints, it is especially important to use poor quality white cement and caulking agent for narrow seams.

2. The seam width should be consistent

In order to ensure the overall effect of the tile paving, the tile caulking needs to be uniform and narrow, and it is better to use a plastic cross to position, otherwise the effect is beautiful. However, if the small bricks with multiple cross-connections are constructed, the principle of first applying vertical seams and then applying horizontal seams should be applied. When cross-cutting points are encountered, the post-filling caulking agent should be scraped here to skip the light scraping and make caulking. The agent flows into the intersecting slits less.

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