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We are China Grinding Wheel Suppliers​. Today we want to tell you the these problems often occur with the purchase of grinding wheels

The Quality Problem of the Grinding Wheel Has Such A Big Hazard!

Nov. 27 , 2018

We are China Grinding Wheel Suppliers. Today we want to tell you the these problems often occur with the purchase of grinding wheels:
 1. Unsatisfactory rotation strengt

When the fiber reinforced resin sheet grinding wheel and the 钹-shaped grinding wheel are used, most of them are hand-held cutting and grinding, and the distance between the operator and the grinding wheel is relatively close. Therefore, once the rotating strength is poor, the grinding wheel is broken during the cutting or grinding process, which is liable to cause personal injury or death.

China Grinding Wheel Suppliers

2. static balance is not qualified
The grinding wheel is an inhomogeneous object. When the grinding wheel rotates, it causes vibration because its center of mass does not coincide with the center of rotation. This state is called the imbalance of the grinding wheel. Wheel imbalance can bring a lot of harm:
Acting on the grinding machine bearing, causing the main shaft to vibrate and accelerate the wear of the grinding machine spindle;
The additional increase of the rotary stress on the grinding wheel reduces the rotational strength and may even cause it to rupture upon rotation;
The vibration of the grinding wheel and the workpiece system is intensified, which is manifested by the occurrence of vibration marks on the surface of the workpiece to be processed, and the machining accuracy and surface roughness are deteriorated;
Affect the uniformity of the self-sharpening of the grinding wheel, so that the grinding wheel wears unevenly.
3, the hardness is unqualified
4, the aperture is unqualified

5, the flag is wrong

After reading these, getting you know that a high quality grinding wheel is so important. If you need it, you can contact us. Our products must meet your quality requirements. In addition, we are also a China Clamps supplier, providing other hand tools, welcome to visit our website., the end face jump, radial runout failed

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