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Grinding Wheel from Grinding Wheel Suppliers installation and use.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Installing and Using the Grinding Wheel?

Mar. 08 , 2019

Grinding Wheel from Grinding Wheel Suppliers installation and use:

1. The grinding wheel from Grinding Wheel Manufacturer must be visually inspected before installation. Depending on whether it is cracked or damaged, and the wheel is hit with a wooden hammer, the sound should be crisp.

2. The spindle speed on the machine tool must be checked before installation and must not exceed the working speed indicated on the grinding wheel.

3. It is only allowed to use a special nut wrench for tightening the grinding wheel, and it must be gradually tightened in the order of symmetrical symmetrically on both sides of the main shaft. The nut should be loose.

4. Do not use supplementary fixtures or tapping tools. Turn off the coolant to avoid imbalance of the grinding wheel.

5. The matching of the grinding wheel aperture with the grinding wheel spindle and the chuck should meet the requirements of GB4674.

6. The newly installed grinding wheel must be idling at the working speed with the following time in the case of a protective cover: the grinding wheel with outer diameter <400 mm is not less than 2 minutes, and the grinding wheel with outer diameter ≥400 mm is not less than 5 minutes. The operator should not stand in front of the grinding wheel or in the direction of the tangential line.

7. Grinding wheels (such as parallel grinding wheels) that are not specifically used for end grinding are not allowed to be ground with grinding wheel end faces. Grinding wheels that are not specially used for external grinding (such as bowl-shaped and cup-shaped grinding wheels) are also not allowed to be made by the outer circumference of the grinding wheel. Grinding to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking.

8. When the grinding wheel grinds the workpiece, it is forbidden to push the workpiece with the lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel.

9. For the thin-plate grinding wheel and the boring-shaped grinding wheel, if the force is too strong during cutting, it is easy to cause the grinding wheel to stop and jam and crush the grinding wheel, which causes the grinding wheel to be damaged.

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