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China Circular Saw Blades supplier for you to share the difference.

The Difference Between Marble Machine and Electric Circular Saw

Jul. 17 , 2020

China Circular Saw Blades supplier for you to share the difference.

The marble machine is mainly designed for cutting hard and hard materials such as stone;

Electric circular saw, when it comes to sawing, we will think of sawing trees and sawing wood, so it is mainly for cutting soft materials such as wood.

The original design is different

The marble machine must use diamond saw blades when cutting the stone, and the amount of feed for cutting these hard materials is small. The only way to increase the cutting speed is to increase the speed of the saw blade, so the speed of the marble machine is all at 10,000 rpm the above;

Electric circular saws use high-carbon steel, alloy steel, and other circular saw blades when cutting wood, and the soft material for cutting wood has a large infeed and requires a large torque. The rotation speed of the circular saw design is around 5000 revolutions to obtain a larger torque.

Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades

The machine speed is different

For marble machines, the maximum cutting depth is generally 30-40 mm;

The cutting depth of the electric circular saw is much larger than that of the marble machine.

Different cutting depth

The circular saw's woodworking saw blade and the marble saw's diamond saw blade are also very different in the shape of the saw teeth.

The small sawtooth shape is an electric circular saw blade, and the big sawtooth shape is a marble saw blade.

Different blades


Marble machine:

The marble machine refers to a stone cutting machine, which can be used to cut stone, ceramic tiles, wood, plastic, etc., and different materials can choose suitable cutting blades. When cutting, the staff must follow the safe working steps.

The marble machine has functions related to circular saws and table saws, without the need for a work table, it is convenient to carry and has a wide range of uses. Cutting, chamfering, and grooving become very simple.


Electric circular saw:

General electric circular saws can be operated with both hands, and even some electric circular saws are divided into left and right rudders. Two-handed operation greatly guarantees personal safety, and can ensure the accuracy of cutting.

Electric circular saws have a protective cover, which has two benefits:

(1) When you finish cutting the material, you need to put the saw aside, at this time the saw blade is still rotating. With the protective cover in place, you can safely put the saw aside, the saw blade will not hurt any objects.

(2) If the switch of the electric circular saw is not turned off, and you do not remember it, it is okay to plug it in directly when it is used next time. There is a protective cover, and the saw blade will not hurt any objects.

(3) The electric circular saw has a dust cover, which can prevent the flying wood chips from affecting the line of sight. The dust cover can also be connected to a vacuum cleaner.

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