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To do a job, you need to choose the tools that are appropriate for the job, and you must use it correctly.

Hand tools also need to be used safely (down)

Dec. 21 , 2019

To do a job, you need to choose the tools that are appropriate for the job, and you must use it correctly.

Wrenches manufacturer china introduces you: The key to the safe use of wrenches is to get rid of a misconception; only a fool will be injured when using a wrench. Some people are really stupid enough to use a wrench to cause an injury, but it is not just a fool to use a wrench to get hurt.

Use the correct type of wrench, crescent wrench, pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, socket wrench, etc., that is suitable for the work to be performed.

To choose the right size wrench. All wrenches are marked with their opening size, and the maximum torque that a certain size wrench can withstand is constant. Using a larger wrench is always better than putting on a "plus bar". The dead wrench or socket wrench used must be exactly the same size as the nut.

Always check the hex key set; whether the jaws are worn or loose, the housing, springs, and surfaces are broken, and the handle is not bent. Damaged wrenches should not be used anymore and should be repaired or replaced immediately.

Use the muscle of the tube to pull the wrench instead of pushing it. The fixed tooth of the adjustable wrench is stronger than its moving opening; it is necessary to concentrate the pulling force on the fixed tooth. Therefore, the direction of pulling the wrench should be a direction that can easily clamp the workpiece.

Do not tilt the wrench to twist the workpiece. If necessary, use a corner joint or socket wrench. The wrench must be in close contact with the work surface. Do not use special wrenches instead of special-shaped special wrenches. Never use a wrench as a hammer.

When pulling the wrench firmly, stand with one foot in front and the other behind to prevent falling backwards.

Some dead-end wrench designs allow hammering their handles. But before use, you must see clearly. When hitting the handle with a sledgehammer, do not directly hold the wrench with your hand. Some screws cannot be moved because of rust. Do not force them. Bolts are also limited in strength. At this time, you should add some penetrating oil or rust-removing oil, wait for a period of time and then tap the nut gently, loosen it a little, and then swing the wrench back and forth, usually it will loosen. In addition, pay attention to the screws that do not disassemble for a long time and the surrounding environment make them easy to rust, and should be regularly coated with anti-rust oil.

Do not use a wrench on or around a moving machine.

When using a pipe wrench. In addition to some of the precautions mentioned above, pay attention to the profitability and cleanliness of the pipe wrench. Take the correct standing posture. Well teams often thread pipes for unloading. It is very dangerous to add a long booster bar to the handle of the pipe wrench. Some well teams have trouble finding a pipe wrench with a curved handle. What about your team?

The workers were injured when they used the wrench. The main reason for Dayang was that they didn't hold the wrench seriously. If they really consider this and the most basic use method, they will believe that any fool can use a good wrench without being hurt. It seems that some people still need to learn how to use the wrench correctly.

Although various chinese hand tools are different, their safe use methods are consistent in four points: one is to choose the correct tool corresponding to the work content; the other is to keep the tool intact; the third is to use the correct method The use of tools, that is, the use methods should be based on design regulations, and the manuals for various tools also give their correct use methods; the fourth is that the tools should be well maintained and stored safely, that is, the tools must not be placed casually, or even placed Where it is easy to fall from a high place; When a tool with a cutting edge is placed in the tool box, its cutting edge should be sleeved; The tool should be carefully checked before and after use; the tools placed in the tool box must be rust-proof.

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