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To do a job, you need to choose the tools that are appropriate for the job, and you must use it correctly.

Hand tools also need to be used safely(on)

Dec. 10 , 2019

To do a job, you need to choose the tools that are appropriate for the job, and you must use it correctly. We often see that some people use a wrench as a hammer, a screwdriver as a crowbar, and some people put a long "boosting tube" on the handle of a small wrench. The reasons for these mistakes may be carelessness or an "indifferent" attitude. Maybe there won't be any accidents, but who can tell exactly when the damage will be caused?

Any kind of tool needs to be taken care of, always keep it intact, and the tool can be used for good maintenance and careful management based on usual time. Wipe your hands and tools before using China hand tools. Wipe the tool clean before storing it; the tool should be stored in such a way that it will not be damaged.

Ensuring the safety and reliability of tools is a prerequisite for safe and smooth work. Check out the tools you manage or use! To protect yourself and your companions from danger. Crimped seedlings or hammer heads, cracked hammer handles, loose hammer heads, etc. often become the source of personal injury accidents.

To choose the right tool for a particular job, this principle must always be adhered to. If you find that you have taken the wrong tool, even if it does not hinder security or you think it will definitely happen Time to bring the right tools. No job is urgent or important enough to take the time to do it safely. In fact, it is more time-consuming to go out and do a certain job without taking the right steps.

Safe use of hammer

The criteria for chipping hammers that can be used are: the whole place is intact, the hammer head is not curled and firmly connected to the handle, and the hammer and the user's hands must be clean. Hammers with damaged hammer heads, loose or broken handles should be repaired and replaced in a timely manner. When repairing, be sure to apply some adhesive before adding wedges to the handle. Never use nails instead of wedges.

Hold your hand at the end of the hammer handle so that it will have strength when knocked. If the hand holding the hammer is close to the hoe, not only is it inconvenient to use, but it is also easy to hurt your fingers.

When using a hammer, attach goggles as much as possible. In particular, nails, flying nails or other things that touch the eyes may make them blind, and touch other parts of the body, and it is easy to cause injuries. When you nails, focus on them, otherwise you will hurt your fingers. When you start nailing, you should hold the nails close to the nail cap and gently hit the nail cap with a hammer. When you've nailed it a bit, loosen the nail-holding hand and then force the nail. In this way, the nail will not fly out and hurt people, and it will not hit your fingers. Nails use flat hammers. Never use round-head hammers. These principles are too simple, but some people often make mistakes.



The handle of the hammer can only be used to hold the hammer, it must not be used to hit things or be used as a Yang crowbar.

For striking hard metal, you should not use a normal hammer, but a leather-headed hammer or a soft metal hammer. Never hit a wrench or another hammer with a hammer.

When using a hammer, hold your hands tightly and swing freely. Be careful of the obstacles above your head. When swinging, be careful not to hurt people or hit other devices.

Do not use wrenches, round bars, bolts, or other equipment parts as hammers.

When using a sledgehammer to strike the workpiece to be clamped, someone must clamp the workpiece with a clamp or other suitable clamping device, and pay attention that no one should stand in the range of the swinging hammer. The person holding the workpiece is at right angles to the plane swinging with the sledgehammer, and both should wear goggles. When swinging the sledgehammer, the key is to drop the hammer accurately, and care should be taken not to hit anything with the sledgehammer handle.

Every work with a hammer has a hammer that is compatible with it. You must choose the right one.

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