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Diamond saw blades are made by bonding diamond grits to the steel body of the blade to create a tougher, more resilient blade that’s suited to cutting even the hardest of materials.

How are Diamond Saw Blades made?

Jan. 27 , 2022

Diamond Saw Blades


Diamond saw blades are made by bonding diamond grits to the steel body of the blade to create a tougher, more resilient blade that’s suited to cutting even the hardest of materials.


Steel Core (The Support Part)

The steel core is typically a flat metal disc that’s purpose is to support the outer segments.

The steel core is usually attached to the segment, the cutting part where the diamond is located, using one of the following methods. The type of blade being produced will influence the choice of method.

Laser Welded Attachment

Laser welding creates a stronger attachment to the blade core, making it ideal for diamond saw blades used for wet cutting harder materials to a higher depth and higher horsepower equipment.

Steel blade cores used with this method are thicker, precision ground, heat-treated and tensioned. This means they are less susceptible to bending and flexing stress from the heavier machinery and usage.

Vacuum Brazed or Sintered Attachment

This process is often used for lower-cost and higher-quantity diamond saw blades. It is better suited to create diamond saw blades intended to use dry cutting softer materials and low horsepower equipment. This is because the method is best for creating smaller, sharper blades.


Bonding Systems

The bond that holds the diamond particles in place within the blade is created from a mixture of metal powders.

Different metal powders are combined in particular ratios to achieve specific wear rates. The right wear rate will ensure that the diamond particles are held in place for just long enough to achieve maximum wear. They will then release them to expose the next layer of diamond particles beneath.

Soft bonds, that wear quickly, would be made up of soft metal powders such as bronze. These are best for cutting materials like ceramics and porcelain, which are very hard but less abrasive.

Hard bonds, that wear slowly, would be made up of hard metals like tungsten carbide. These are best for cutting materials like asphalt, which are generally soft but very abrasive.

Remember that opposites attract; for hard but less abrasive materials, a softer bond is best. Vice versa, for materials that are soft but more abrasive, a harder bond is best.


Segment (The Cutting Part)

The segment, the cutting part of the blade, is made up of two parts. The first is the diamond crystals, and the second is the bonding system that holds them in place and creates the correct wear rate for the intended use.

Amount of Diamond

The intended use of the blade will dictate the quantity of diamond used. The more diamond used in a blade, the higher the amount of horsepower needed for the blade to effectively cut.

For example, a blade intended for use cutting materials like concrete will feature more diamonds than one intended for use cutting ceramics. Since the harder materials often require more tools with more horsepower, more diamonds are necessary for an effective diamond saw blade.

Diamond Crystals

In diamond saw blades, synthetic or manufactured diamonds are preferred to natural. This is because there is more control over the size, shape, and strength of synthetic diamonds, meaning they provide better control during the manufacturing process.

This control means a more accurate prediction of the cutting speed and precision of the resulting diamond saw blade. It also helps consistent recreation of these qualities.

Size of Diamond

Diamond sizes are specified in mesh ranges, such as 25-35 or 50-60. A higher number in mesh size indicates a finer individual diamond particle. Whilst coarser diamond particles will be better for cutting asphalt and red brick, finer diamond particles will serve well for cutting very hard materials like quartz.

Quality of Diamond

The quality of the diamond used in a diamond saw blades will determine the diamonds ability to resist heat and maintain sharpness. Superior diamonds will have better longevity, maintaining sharpness at a higher temperature.


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