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In daily life, we need to use led flashlights whether in work or life. First of all, it should be clear that the flashlight we choose is mainly used for what? Because different types of flashlights have different uses.

How To Choose LED Flashlight?

Oct. 14 , 2021

LED Flashlight

In daily life, we need to use LED flashlights whether in work or life. First of all, it should be clear that the flashlight we choose is mainly used for what? Because different types of flashlights have different uses. Choose the right flashlight will play a maximum role in different application scenarios. So how to choose a suitable led flashlight for you? Today in the article, we will briefly introduce what you need to pay attention to when choosing a LED flashlight.


1. LED flashlight brightness

Flat avenue walking on the brightness requirements are not high, a power of more than 1W AA flashlight will be sufficient. If you use a rechargeable 14500 battery, then use the power of a larger.

2. LED flashlight price

According to personal economic strength, the general choice of low-cost led flashlight will be enough.

3. LED flashlight battery life

The pursuit of high brightness, with 18650 lithium batteries. Power 3W, the current 750MA flashlight is enough to use. Endurance time in three hours

Rechargeable 14500 batteries, discharge current of about 2A, the endurance time of about 1 hour

The high-quality capacity of 2200MAH alkaline AA batteries, discharge current of about 1A, the battery life of about 2 hours. If you use 2A current discharge is very uneconomical, often only high light for more than half an hour; best with 500MA current discharge, the endurance time can reach about 2 hours.

4. Outdoor led flashlight type

18650 straight tube: high power, high brightness, about 3 hours of battery life.

Larger power AA tube: batteries can be bought everywhere, easy to carry, about 1 hour of endurance.

5. Requirements to achieve the appearance of the treatment

Depending on personal preference.

LED Flashlight

6. LED flashlight with what circuit

18650 cartridge is best to use the 7135 constant current circuits, not recommended to use the boost circuit. The reason is that the 7135 circuit is the most stable and efficient. 7135 constant-current circuit is the disadvantage that when the voltage is low to a certain level, the more you use the lower the brightness. This disadvantage does not affect much when walking. For AA flashlight, that can only use the boost circuit. It is best to use good quality and high efficiency to save power to achieve the purpose of extending the endurance.

7. require waterproof performance

Can prevent heavy rain can be.

8. LED flashlight light color

In the case of dry roads with white LED on the line. If it is a mountainous area or in a slippery situation, it is best to use warm white or natural white LED to increase the color rendering. At the same time, there can be more powerful flashlights on the high-power flashlight, after all, safety is most important.

9. Flashlight circuit to what gears

High, medium, flashing three gears are more practical. Burst flash is mainly used to remind people and cross the road.


Like outdoor sports friends will often use LED flashlights, it can not only help us light but also protect our safety in the outdoors. We are a LED flashlight supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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