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Drill bit sets can be found in different shapes and sizes however essentially they're simply utilized for making holes, so why the difference in cost?

How to Choose the Right Drill Bit Sets?

Dec. 15 , 2021

Drill Bit Set


Drill bit sets can be found in different shapes and sizes however essentially they're simply utilized for making holes, so why the difference in cost? There are hundreds of low-cost top-quality bits that have flooded the marketplace so right here's a guide to which attributes to look for so you can divide the good from the bad.


Drill bit anatomy

Looking at the anatomy of your drill bit sets is another indication of the quality. Cheaper drill bits will have more land. The web on a bit is the actual thickness on the drill point and this thickness increases as the bit are sharpened.


Prove your metal

Just as showing your mettle is about bravery and strength of character, the metal that goes into drill bits is an important characteristic to look for. Standard bits are typically made of High-Speed Steel (HSS) which is hard and resistant to wear. HSS can also tolerate higher levels of heat. This is an essential feature to have as the friction generated when drilling is obviously considerable. Drill bits made of inferior quality metals will quickly lose their edge as they get hot. In the end, you’ll have to replace them more frequently and ultimately this results in poorer quality holes.


A point to make

The point of standard drill bits is 118°. These are best for drilling materials such as wood, plastic, and softer metals. With more expensive drill bits such as the M2 set, you’ll see that the geometry is slightly different and they have a finer point. This enables the tip to cut into the material faster. For harder materials, the bit will have a flattering point, normally 135°.


Confirm the material to be processed

Different materials require different twist drill bits. Although many brands of twist drill bits are currently pursuing versatility, no brand can meet all the needs so far. Therefore, if you want to improve the quality of your products and reduce the purchase cost, it is important to choose the right twist drill bit.


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