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Hand tools are a classification of hardware industry, belonging to consumables. Their specific purchases and frequency are treated on a case-by-case basis.

How to use hand tools correctly?

Oct. 19 , 2019

Hand tools are a classification of hardware industry, belonging to consumables. Their specific purchases and frequency are treated on a case-by-case basis. A hand tool, in contrast to an electric tool, is mainly used to twist or force the tool with the help of the hand. Hand tools can be divided into wrench, pliers, screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, sleeve, cutting, scissors, sleeve, and auxiliary tools, such as tool car, each type has a different model.

Most people have no training before using hand tools, which leads to frequent accidental injuries. According to statistics, improper use of hand tools causes 7% to 8% of all accidental injuries each year. Therefore, for all kinds of commonly used hand tools, we must understand the correct use method, good maintenance management, pay attention to the use of safety.

1. Safety essentials for carrying hand tools:

(1) Hand tools should be carried in a special belt or tool bag, tool bucket, not in the pocket of the pants, let alone inserted in the belt.

(2) For temporarily unused tools, they should be properly stored and placed smoothly, so that they are not easy to fall off and hurt people, do not place on scaffolding, overhead piping and moving parts of machinery.

(3) Operators should hand over tools between hand, do not throw. When passing a tool with a sharp edge, turn the handle toward the person receiving it.

(4) For crowbars and other shoulderborne tools, pay attention to the front and back when carrying, so that it does not touch other objects and personnel, put down to be stable.

(5) When carrying portable power tools with flexible cord, it is necessary to protect the flexible cord so as to keep it away from sharp objects, heat sources, oil or solvents so as not to damage the flexible cord.

2. Safety precautions for the handle of manual tools:

(1) the handle of the tool hit by the hammer is prone to local fracture when it is hit for a long time. A metal collar (bronze ring) should be installed on the end of a chisel, punch, rock drill, etc.

(2) For the manual tools with wooden handle, the wooden handle should be made of tough hardwood (such as oak, elm, walnut, locust, maple, etc.). The handle should be smooth and free of knots, cracks and other defects, Such as chipping hammers.

(3) The connection between the wooden handle and the hammerhead and axe must be solid and firm, in case the wooden handle is broken or the hammerhead flies out during use, if the handle is found to be loose in use, it must be wedged tight immediately. It is more important to fit the wooden handle with the hole of the equipment.

(4) To prevent the wooden handle spinning and slipping in the hand, the wooden handle should be oval.

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