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How To Use Hand Tools

Apr. 08 , 2021

How To Use Hand Tools

In every workplace, hand tool safety tips are very useful. They are needed for almost every job, and healthy hands are necessary for every job.


①The saw blade should be selected correctly according to the hardness and thickness of the material to be processed; the tension of the saw blade should be appropriate and adjusted at any time according to the induction of the hand.

②The workpiece to be sawed should be clamped, and there should be no displacement and vibration during sawing; the sawing wire should be close to the support point of the workpiece.

③When sawing, the saw bow should be straightened to prevent skewing, and the sawing should be stable.

④When sawing, when pushing the saw forward, apply proper force with both hands; when retreating the saw, you should raise the hand saw slightly without applying pressure. The size of the force should be determined according to the hardness of the workpiece to be cut. The greater the hardness, the greater the force, and the smaller and smaller the hardness.

⑤When installing or replacing a new saw blade, be sure to ensure that the tooth tip of the saw blade is facing forward; after replacing the new saw blade during the sawing process, turn around and cut, and it is not advisable to continue cutting along the original saw; the workpiece is about to be cut off, hold the workpiece with your hand to prevent your feet from sagging.


①Should choose a suitable size wrench according to the nature of work.

②When using an adjustable wrench, apply force to the fixed side and never apply force to the movable side.

③If the opening of the wrench is worn or slipped during use, please do not continue to use it to avoid slipping your hands.

④Do not hit with a wrench as a hammer.

⑤ Do not put a wrench on the pipe end to increase the torque of the wrench.


①Pliers can only be used to fix, insert and remove various pins and nails, and cut or tighten various wires.

②Pliers cannot be used to tighten or knock bolts and nuts.

③Do not tap or lengthen the handle of the pliers to increase the clamping or cutting force.

Principles of using hand tools

Choose hand tools suitable for work needs.

Keep the tools well.

Choose hand tools with good materials.

Inspect hand tools before use.

Use hand tools correctly.

Hand tools should be placed in a safe place.

Appropriate protective equipment should be worn before work.

Choose standard tools or designated hand tools.

We are hand tools suppliers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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