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We are china power tools exporter. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Introduction to Power Tool Purchase Skills

Aug. 08 , 2020

How to choose China Power Tools?

(1) First of all, according to your own needs, the difference is whether it is for home use or professional use. Generally, the difference between professional power tools and general household power tools is mainly in power. Professional power tools have higher power than general household power tools. The tool power is small, the input power is also small and compact, and the highly integrated electric tools are more convenient to use than the large and single-function products. Therefore, try to choose power tools that are rich in functions, small in size, simple in structure, and easy to store. When purchasing power tools, you need to buy power tools with clear packaging and no damage. Power tools that are purchased have a normal appearance, complete plastic parts, and no Obvious shadows and dents, no scratches or bumps, the relevant paint is smooth and beautiful, no defects, no oil and stains on the surface of the whole machine, the handle of the switch is flat, the length of the wire and cable is generally not less than 2M power tools. The relevant signs are clear and complete. , Parameters, manufacturers, certificates, etc. are all equipped with hand-held tools, turn on the power, frequently operate the switch to start the tool frequently, and observe whether the on-off function of the tool switch is reliable and whether it affects the TV/fluorescent lamp on site. Determine whether the tool is equipped with an anti-interference suppressor. The power tool is energized and run for 1 minute, feel the vibration, and observe whether the reversing spark and the air inlet are normal.

(2) Choose power tools with noise within the allowable range.

(3) Choose power tools that are easy to maintain and get accessories.

(4) When selecting power tools, pay attention to the power supply voltage used. Generally, hand-held power tools need to provide 22V city power as an energy drive. Do not connect to 380V industrial power, otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

China Power Tools

China Power Tools

Power tools purchase skills

1. If you often drill holes in concrete walls, a two-kilogram electric hammer is your best choice. Due to the cylinder structure of the electric hammer, the hammering force is very high, and it has a hammering frequency of 1000 to 3000 per minute, which can generate significant force, making it easy for you to drill holes in the concrete wall. Equipped with an adapter rod and a chuck for an ordinary electric drill, it can also complete the function of a hand electric drill, achieving the purpose of one machine with multiple functions. It is a speed-adjustable electric hammer + adapter rod + 13mm electric drill chuck, only a few hundred yuan, coupled with a few commonly used drill bits, then most of the decoration tasks in your home can be completed by yourself.

2. If in addition to concrete drilling, you must also take into account the drilling of wood and metal, and the drilling of concrete is less than ten millimeters, you can consider the impact drill. The impact drill relies on the helical gear to generate impact, and the impact is not as good as the electric hammer.

3. If you often tighten or loosen screws, or punch holes in wooden or iron plates, then you can buy a cordless electric screwdriver, which is the most convenient tool in these two aspects. The rechargeable electric screwdriver plus a set of screwdriver headsets make it easy to get the job at hand.

4. Everyone knows that a hand electric drill is suitable for drilling holes on wood or iron plates, but don't expect it to be useful for drilling holes on concrete walls. It is easy to damage the machine. A hand electric drill is the most economical The electric tools, even if they are imported, only cost a few hundred yuan.

5. Jigsaw. If you have a strong hands-on ability and you can make some furniture or shapes by yourself, then you definitely need a jigsaw. Install a suitable saw blade, wood, iron, plastic, stainless steel, etc. soon. Process your ideal shape under your hand. You can choose various types of jigsaws to create your own shape.

We are china power tools exporter. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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