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The most common cause is an airlock. This problem can be solved by continuously pumping to see if the air is drained away.

Maintenance Of Grease Gun

Dec. 18 , 2020

Maintenance Of Grease Gun

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Problem: Grease gun can't pump grease.

The most common cause is an airlock. This problem can be solved by continuously pumping to see if the air is drained away. Secondly, loosen the cylinder once and pump continuously, then tighten the cylinder when pumping grease. If all else fails, with a clean rag on your finger, push the grease up from the plunger end into the inside of the toner so that there is a small dome of grease at the other end of the toner. When installing an ink cartridge, the grease dome should be filled with space under the grease gun head, and the airlock should be removed. All types of injection guns can be equipped with airlocks - manual, electric, pneumatic, and miniature.

Problem: There is no pressure to pump the grease and the grease flows out from around the connector.

This is a common situation when the coupler fails. Couplers are designed to be mounted on standard size grease mouths. Unfortunately, while there are many oversized nozzles, connectors can stretch beyond their elasticity to accommodate oversized nozzles. Thereafter, it will no longer hug the nipple tightly enough to form the seal needed to push the grease into the nipple, resulting in the grease extruding from the edge of the connector. This gives the impression that the gun is malfunctioning and that it may be a malfunctioning coupler. Remove and replace the coupler. The grease nozzle is of the correct size and has been hardened for long service life.

Grease Gun

Problem: The plunger of the grease gun is too large to hold the cartridge.

This is a common misconception in new butter guns. This is caused by the rigidity of the plunger. To solve this problem, pull the plunger back, insert it into the cartridge, and grease the inside of the cartridge until it is reached. Slide the plunger up and down several times so that the plunger absorbs grease and lubricates itself. This will help the plunger to enter the cartridge easily.

The main reason why the plunger will not enter the spool after the above operation is that it has an airlock, and because it is pumping air, the plunger will not move forward after the air is compressed into the airlock.

Problem: Grease will not be pumped into the tip coupler.

Many inexpensive tip couplers are not surface-hardened, so if the tip falls off and is damaged, grease will not be pumped in.

Problem: The hose seems to sag and bend for a while.

This is due to the continuous filling of the hose with grease and the weight of the hose causing the end of the grease gun to bend.

Problem: Grease contamination

Couplers and flexible extensions may scale over time. Dust and gravel contamination can be transferred to any place you want to lubricate. Changing couplers and flexible extensions on a regular basis can help prevent this problem and is always a good idea.

Problem: It seems that the grease gun can't pump and is locked to the nipple.

This could be a clogged nipple, especially with battery-powered grease guns. People tend to put their fingers on the trigger and quickly reduce the battery, which doesn't solve the problem. Replace the clogged grease nozzle. To release the grease coupler from the nipple, tilt it to the side of the nipple.

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