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Power tools are widely used in daily life, and they are an indispensable part of the tools in the home, construction, and decoration.

Precautions For The Safe Use Of Electric Tools

Nov. 27 , 2020

Power tools are widely used in daily life, and they are an indispensable part of the tools in the home, construction, and decoration.

1. Rules for the safe use of electric tools

(1) Do not use power tools with broken wires or plugs.

(2) Before operating power tools, read the operating instructions or manuals.

(3) Do not use power tools on wet floors to prevent electric tools from leaking and cause electric shock.

(4) You must wear rubber-soled shoes when using power tools.

(5) Use a three-phase plug for the plug of the power tool, and confirm that the socket has been connected to the protective neutral line.

(6) Use the power tool switch to switch the power supply instead of plugging or unplugging the power plug instead of the switch.

(7) The power tools must be used in accordance with the operating regulations. Violation of the operating regulations will result in serious personal injury or death.

(8) Regular safety inspections of electric tools should be carried out.

Precautions For The Safe Use Of Electric Tools

2. Daily maintenance of power tools

Please always check the following items of power tools:

1)Whether the wire is damaged.

2)Whether the plug is damaged.

3)Whether the tool is damaged.

Electric Drill

1. Application          

An electric drill is mainly used for drilling and reaming.

2. Safety measures that should be paid attention to when using electric drills

(1) Follow the rules for the safe use of electric tools.

(2) Keep the electric drill stable during use.

(3) Do not overload the drill to increase the risk of fire.

(4) During the drilling process of the electric drill, the drill bit must be installed safely and firmly.

(5) Before use, check whether the electric drill is abnormal, and do not wipe them with wet hands.

(6) Ensure that the motor is ventilated. The vents must be kept clean and fully opened.

(7) Check whether the wire is damaged. If it is damaged, use a special tape to repair it safely.

(8) Do not use wires or plugs to drag the electric drill.

(9) Ensure that the workpiece to be drilled is reliably fixed, otherwise, the workpiece will easily rotate during the drilling process and cause personal injury.

(10) When the electric drill gets hot, lubricating oil is needed.

(11) When the electric drill is working, you need to wear a mask or goggles to prevent flying iron filings and particles from flying into your eyes.

(12) Continuously change speed during drilling, so that chip breaking can be achieved.

(13) When operating the electric drill, do not adjust the speed too fast, and do not apply too much pressure on the electric drill. Because this will overheat the drill and damage it.

(14) Check whether the speed set by the electric drill is reasonable. When drilling small holes, the drilling speed can be faster, and when drilling large holes, it can be slower.

(15) Before using the drill, check whether the drill is sharp and reliable.

(16) In order to avoid damage to the drill bit and injury to people and objects, reduce the applied force when the drill bit is about to drill through the workpiece.

(17) Put a label on the drill in question.

3. Maintenance of electric drill

(1) Use the drill key frequently to check the working condition of the chuck.

(2) Regularly check the insulation performance of wires, plugs, and shells.

(3) After use, the electric drill should be put back in the toolbox and stored in a dry place.

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