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Protective eyewear is a product mainly for eye protection, and the types of protective glasses for different needs in different occasions are different.

Different Kinds of Protective Glasses Selection Techniques

Apr. 25 , 2020

Protective eyewear is a product mainly for eye protection, and the types of protective glasses for different needs on different occasions are different. Such as surgical glasses for hospitals, welding goggles for welding, laser protective glasses for laser engraving, etc.

Safety goggles can be roughly divided into dust-proof glasses, impact-resistant glasses, chemical-resistant glasses, and radiation-proof glasses. The first three kinds of protective glasses look like the lenses are colorless glass, but in fact, due to the different protective effects, the characteristics of the lenses are obviously different.

Arc radiation

Workers engaged in electric welding, gas welding, steel making, and glass blowing should wear anti-arc radiation glasses. However, the color of the lenses of the arc-proof radiation glasses is dark and light, which is designed according to different requirements, and the selection should be appropriately selected according to the intensity of the arc during the operation.

The intensity of the arc and the color should be deep; otherwise, light-colored lenses should be selected. If the arc is strong, wearing light-colored protective glasses, some infrared rays will stimulate and damage the eyes through the lens, and occupational cataracts will occur in the long run; otherwise, the arc is weak and wearing dark protective glasses for a long time will greatly reduce vision.

Dustproof glasses

Dustproof glasses are used in environments with a lot of dust, and the general lens fastness requirements are not high. No matter the eye mask type or the flat mirror type, they are made of general flat glass lenses. Anti-impact glasses are used to prevent small particles from flying through the eyes. The lenses must be impact-resistant. For example, the workers, sanders and stone workers should wear anti-impact glasses. The eyeglasses will be more damaged if they are shattered when flying glasses with rubble.

 Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Chemical splash

The lenses of chemical resistant glasses are resistant to acids, alkalis, and corrosion, which is not available in other types of protective glasses. If the protection level is high, it is recommended to use goggles, which can be sealed for the entire eye. Every worker who needs to wear protective glasses should understand the harmful factors of his working environment, wear appropriate protective glasses, and do not wear one pass at a time.

Because of the needs of the working environment, it is necessary to protect all parts of the body, especially the eyes. The eyes are the important organs that each of us must-have. If the protection is not good, the lost things cannot be expressed in words.

After using the protective glasses, please rinse them with clean water in time, and wipe the water beads with a special lens cloth to extend the life of the protective glasses. Do not place the protective glasses in a high-temperature environment (above 60 ℃) for a long time to avoid lens deformation Or the film layer on the surface of the glasses falls off.


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