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Goggles is an eye protection device used to close or protect the eyes.

Summary of Fogging Causes and Anti-Fogging Skills of Goggles (Part 1)

Mar. 16 , 2020

Goggles is an eye protection device used to close or protect the eyes. It is mainly used to prevent particles, water, chemicals, and infectious substances such as blood and body fluids from invading the eyes. There is literature that proves that wearing goggles is one of the important measures to directly prevent blood-borne occupational exposure and occupational infections.

The goggles will fog during wearing, which will seriously affect the sight of medical staff, increase the difficulty of operation, and increase the risk of pollution. It not only affects the accuracy of the medical staff's operation but also increases the psychological pressure.

Aiming at the phenomenon of fogging of goggles, recently reviewing the data, hand tools manufacturers in china summarized the causes of fogging of goggles and anti-fog techniques.

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Cause Analysis

1. For secondary protection, it is necessary to use N95 or N99 masks with good sealing performance, but as the wearing time prolongs, the sealing performance of the mask decreases with the operation and communication, causing some gas to escape from the sides of the nose bridge. The upper edge enters the goggles, fogging the goggles, reducing visibility, and obstructing vision.

2. When there is a significant temperature difference between the material and the environment, water mist will condense on the surface. This is because of the temperature decreases and the saturated vapour pressure of water decrease below the partial pressure of water vapour in the air, causing the water vapour to condense into water droplets.

The epidemic happened just in winter, and the air-conditioning system in the work area and the ward had been turned off. Zhang Liubo, a researcher at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pointed out: If a patient with new coronary pneumonia or a suspected patient is found within the scope of the air supply, the central air conditioner should be turned off in time, disinfected, and used after evaluation.

China hand tools factory believes that when medical personnel operate under secondary protection, the human body temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, and the temperature difference between the inner and outer layers of the goggles is large, so it is easy to cause fog in the goggles.

Anti-fog tips

Sealed mask

The indwelling needle mask closes the upper edge of the mask. The mask is cut into strips and applied horizontally to the upper edge of the mask and the skin of the lower eyelid to ensure that the upper edge of the mask fits the facial skin.

Disadvantages: This method can reduce the gas entering the goggles through the upper edge of the mask, but the film is directly attached to the eyelid skin, which easily causes medical adhesive-related skin damage. If you are allergic to the dressing, it will also aggravate skin damage. However, with the development of the epidemic, protective equipment is also in short supply. In order to save protective equipment, most nursing staff wear goggles for 4-6 hours. The film has been loosened due to sweat, and the film cannot be maintained firmly.

When using a paper infusion patch to close the upper edge of the mask, put a mask on the mask. After wearing the mask, use the infusion patch on the upper edge of the mask and the lower eyelid skin.

Advantages and disadvantages: The paper towel in this method is used to absorb a large amount of moisture in the mask. The low-sensitivity paper infusion paste has low viscosity, has little damage to the skin, and is not easily allergic. The disadvantage is that the infusion patch cannot guarantee the tightness of the upper edge of the mask, and some gas still enters the goggles from the upper edge of the mask.


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