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A Chinese grease gun is a Chinese hand tool used to grease mechanical equipment.

Do You Know The Grease Gun?

Dec. 06 , 2019

A Chinese grease gun is a Chinese hand tool used to grease mechanical equipment.It can be equipped with either iron rod (iron head) or hose (flat head) oil nozzle.To the refueling position is convenient in the place of the spacious space can be used iron gun rod (iron gun head), to the refueling position is hidden, the place of the roundabout must use the hose (flat gun head) to refueling.This product has many advantages such as simple operation, easy to carry and wide range of use. It is a necessary tool for the maintenance center.

China Grease Gun

China Grease Gun

Structure: the butter gun is composed of handle, gun head, barrel and handle. The oil nozzle can be divided into two types: pointed mouth and flat mouth.

Classification of butter gun: different types of butter gun include pneumatic butter gun, manual butter gun, pedal butter gun and electric butter gun.

Grease gun fault: the use of the fault is a lot of their own operation caused, you can think of ways to avoid.For example, if you mix a few grains of sand in the butter, and you use a pointed nozzle, the oil gun will inevitably have problems, and it is definitely not good for the equipment, but in most cases it is self-inflicted.So be sure to keep the butter clean, do not use dirty tools to oil, oil container to cover in time.

Butter gun response

1. If you have a hard pull rod, you can pull the rod several times so that the air inside can be mixed with the grease. Reducing the volume of individual bubbles may solve the problem, but the effect is not always good.

2. The most effective method is the venting method, but this requires the support of hardware. Some gun bodies have exhaust port design, when you slowly open the exhaust screw, the air inside will come out.

3, the last one is the final skill, and repeatedly tried, repeatedly built war, when you feel there is gas and can not play when you just turn the oil gun body and pump body combined with the silk mouth a few times or several times back and forth (it is best to turn the pressure), must be able to solve.The simple truth is that as you rotate, the bubble is also rotating to another part of the body, which is filled with oil, and the problem is solved.

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