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China hand tools exporter introduce a kind of agriculture hand tools

The introduce a kind of agriculture hand tools

Nov. 15 , 2019

China hand tools exporter introduce a kind of agriculture hand tools:

For example,hammer


A hand tool for striking or hammering objects. The hammer consists of a hammer head and a grip handle.

① hammer head: made of steel, copper, lead, plastic, wood, rubber, etc. The structure has solid fixed type, hammering surface replaceable type and ammunition filling type. Solid fixed hammerheads are the most widely used. The two striking surfaces of the interchangeable hammerhead are detachable and exchangeable, and can be replaced with hammering surfaces of various materials and hardness, so the striking range is very large. The bullet filled hammer head is equipped with steel or lead particles, which can eliminate rebound when used, also known as non rebound hammer. The elimination of rebound can significantly reduce the operator's fatigue. The hammering surface of one or both ends of the steel hammer head is fully heat treated and has strong hardness; the middle part is generally not heat treated and has good elasticity and toughness, which can play a buffer role in the hammering process to prevent the hammer head from bursting. A hole is opened in the center of the hammer head to facilitate the installation of the handle.

② handle: wooden handle, steel handle and plastic handle made of glass fiber, etc. The wooden handle is mainly made of hard wood such as walnut and sophora, which has good elasticity and toughness, but it is easy to be affected by the climate and has great flexibility. It is gradually replaced by the latter two materials.



Hammers are widely used in many forms and specifications. Common hammers include round head hammers, claw hammers, chopping hammers and assorted hammers 

Round head hammer is also called milk hammer. It is the most widely used hammer in cold working. One end is round and spherical, which is usually used to knock rivets; the other end is cylindrical plane, which is used for general hammering.

折叠 羊角锤 木工专用的手锤。除用于敲击普遍非淬硬的铁钉,还可通过另一端的羊角状双爪卡紧并起拔铁钉,或撬裂、拆毁木制构件。

Folding claw hammer is a special hammer for woodworking. In addition to knocking the nails which are generally not hardened, the nails can also be clamped and pulled by the claw like claws at the other end, or the wooden components can be cracked and demolished.

折叠 斩口锤 主要用于敲击凹凸不平、薄而宽的金属工件,使之表面平整。其斩口还用以敲制翻边或使金属薄件作纵向或横向的延伸。

The folding cutting hammer is mainly used to knock the uneven, thin and wide metal workpiece to make its surface flat. The cutting edge is also used to knock the flanging or make the thin metal parts extend longitudinally or horizontally

折叠 什锦锤 一种以锤为主的多用途维修工具。为羊角锤头,配备有一字和十字螺钉旋具、平口凿、三角锉等附件,并放在钢制的空心手柄内。手柄的一端有一个螺钉,以固定或调换附件。

The utility model relates to a multi-purpose maintenance tool which is mainly a hammer. It is a claw hammer head, equipped with a slotted and cross screw screwdriver, a flat chisel, a triangular file and other accessories, and placed in a hollow steel handle. One end of the handle has a screw to secure or exchange accessories.

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