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The circular saw blade is not a disposable product. Under normal circumstances, it can be repaired 2-3 times, which is often referred to as saw blade grinding.

Timing Of Circular Saw Blade Grinding And Matters Needing Attention In Grinding

Dec. 07 , 2020

Timing Of Circular Saw Blade Grinding And Matters Needing Attention In Grinding

The circular saw blade is not a disposable product. Under normal circumstances, it can be repaired 2-3 times, which is often referred to as saw blade grinding. This is also a more important process. If the circular saw blade is finely ground, the effect is not inferior to the new saw blades.

1. Judgment of the timing of grinding

1)Cut off the workpiece

During the cutting process of the equipment, the condition of the carbide saw blade can be judged from the sawed workpiece. If the surface of the workpiece is found to have too many lines or the sawing work difference is abnormally large, you can check the saw blade at this time. Other problems can be used as a basis for replacement and grinding.

2)Abnormal sound

Under normal circumstances, the sound when the saw blade cuts the workpiece is relatively uniform and no noise, but one day when the sound is too loud or abnormal when sawing, it should be checked immediately. If there is no equipment and other problems, it can be used as a replacement saw blade. The basis for grinding.

3)Excessive smoke

When the carbide saw blade cuts the workpiece, due to friction, a certain amount of smoke will be generated. Normally, it will be light. If there is a pungent smell or the smoke is too thick, it is probably because the saw teeth are not sharp. , Need to be replaced and reground.

4)Excessive consumption

This is easy to judge. There are certain statistics during the usual sawing operation. If you find that the material loss is too large, you should check all the conditions, most of which are the problems of the carbide saw blade.

5)The workpiece has burrs

Under normal circumstances, the burrs of the cut-off workpiece will be less or easy to remove. If there are too many burrs or bursts, and it is difficult to remove, you should consider whether the saw blade needs to be replaced (it is worth noting that When some high-end equipment cuts, under normal circumstances, there is no burr. If there is a burr, it must be a problem with the saw blade.)

6)Parameter judgment

Most of the current equipment has touch screen operation, including parameter setting. Carbide saw blades have a certain cutting square number. You can watch the sawing progress to determine whether it needs to be replaced. There is also a view of the cutting edge. Less than 0.2mm. Reasonable maintenance of carbide saw blades are more conducive to enterprise cost control and equipment quality.

2. Matters needing attention in grinding circular saw blade

1)Note that the front-to-rear ratio is 1:3. The minimum remaining length and width of the saw blade from the tooth seat shall not be less than 1mm; the relevant operations must be strictly followed. Non-professionals cannot operate and maintain the correct method for grinding. The saw blade can only be used within a reasonable life span. If it is not properly ground, it will only reduce the efficiency and quality of the circular saw blade.

It is strictly forbidden to grind only from the front corner surface or only from the rear corner surface. This will greatly shorten the service life of the circular saw blade and will also affect the next grinding state!

Another important point is that the entire wear area should be fully ground. The circular saw blade is sharpened on an automatic sharpening machine. If it is manually sharpened on a general sharpening machine, it will seriously affect the quality of use. (CNC sharpening machine can ensure that the grinding of the front and rear corners are in the same direction)

In order to prevent large wear of the grinding wheel, it is necessary to leave enough side protrusions from the side of the sawtooth to the saw body. On the other hand, the largest side protrusion should not be greater than 1.0-1.2 mm per side to ensure the stability of the saw blade.

2)Chip flute

Try to ensure the chip removal space to avoid the situation of grinding the chip flutes at the same time due to grinding the saw teeth.

Circular Saw Blade

If the sawtooth is broken, you must go to the grinding center to change the tooth. When welding, pay attention to using the appropriate solder, and it is best to use a high-frequency welding machine.

3)Leveling and stress

If you want to use the circular saw blade for grinding and ensure its quality, please be sure to use the leveling and stressing process. Don't stop using it because of trouble. The flatness and stress value of the saw blade should be tested every time it is grinding. And corrected. Leveling can reduce the tolerance of saw blade runout, and add stress to the saw body strength and elastic characteristics, which is an essential process for thin saw blades; the relationship between the outer diameter of the circular saw blade and the outer diameter of the flange You can find it in the DIN8083 standard; the outer diameter of the flange should not be less than 25-30% of the outer diameter of the circular saw blade.

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