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We are power tools suppliers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

Tips For Buying Power Tools

Apr. 15 , 2021

Tips For Buying Power Tools

1. If you often punch holes in concrete walls, a 2 kg electric hammer is your best choice. Due to the cylindrical structure of the electric hammer, the hammering force is very high, and the hammering frequency is 1000-3000 times per minute, which can generate significant force, making it more convenient for you to drill holes on the concrete wall. Equipped with the adapter rod and chuck of an ordinary electric drill, it can also complete the functions of a hand electric drill, achieving the purpose of one machine with multiple uses. It is a speed-regulating electric hammer + adapter rod + 13mm electric drill chuck, which costs only a few hundred yuan, and is equipped with several commonly used drill bits, so most of your home decoration tasks can be done by yourself.

2. If you need to perforate in addition to concrete, you should also consider perforating wood and metal, and if perforating the concrete is less than ten millimeters, then you can consider impact drilling. Impact drilling relies on helical gears, and the impact force is not as good as electric hammers.

3. If you often loosen screws, or make holes on wooden or iron plates, you can buy a cordless electric screwdriver, which is the most convenient tool in these two aspects. A rechargeable electric screwdriver plus a set of screwdrivers make work easier to get at hand.

4. Everyone knows that hand drills are suitable for drilling holes in wooden or iron plates, but don't expect how big the holes are in concrete walls. In that case, it is easy to damage the machine. A hand drill is the most economical, even if the imported electric tools only cost a few hundred yuan.

5. Jigsaw, if you have a strong hands-on ability and can make some furniture or shapes by yourself, then use the hole saw you absolutely need, and install the corresponding saw blades, wood, iron, plastic, stainless steel, etc. You will soon be able to machine your ideal shape. You can choose various types of jigsaws to create your own shapes.

We are power tools suppliers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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