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We're grease gun suppliers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Do you really Understand Grease Gun?

Nov. 13 , 2020

A grease gun is commonly used for lubrication in workshops and garages. The purpose of a grease gun is to apply lubricant through a hole to a specific point, usually from grease boxes to grease fittings.

1.Four Types Of Grease Gun

Manually driven, the grease is removed from the hole by manually shaking the trigger mechanism of the spray gun, which applies the pressure to the spring mechanism behind the lubricant, thus forcing the grease through the hole.

Hand-powered, without a trigger mechanism, the grease is pushed into the hole by the back pressure generated by the gun built to push the grease gun into the hole,  so that the piston slides through the tool body to pump the grease out of the hole.

Pneumatic, Where compressed air is guided through a hose to the spray gun, and air pressure is used to force grease through the holes.

Electric, driven by an electric motor high-pressure grease pump. These are usually battery-powered for portability.

2.The Correct Use Method of Grease Gun

Unscrew the grease gun head to separate the grease gun head from the barrel.

Dip the opening part of the gun barrel into the barrel of butter. When it is approximately 30 mm deep, hold the barrel tightly with one hand, and pull the driven handle at the tail of the barrel backward with the other hand to suck the butter into the barrel. 3. Install the oil gun head, press the locking piece at the end of the barrel, and push the driven handle into the barrel.

3.Matters needing attention of Grease Gun

This oil-loading gun is likely to have air left in it, which will cause the butter to fail. At this time, pull the driven handle at the end of the barrel to the end, and then press the vent with one hand, and press the button at the end of the barrel with the other. Lock the piece, and at the same time push the slave handle into the gun barrel to exhaust the air in the gun. This method is called the exhaust method for short. Another way of exhausting is when there is no exhaust valve on the grease gun, you can push the driven handle in the barrel several times, loosen the nozzle slightly to exhaust, and then tighten the nozzle.

4. Advantages of Grease Gun

Waste prevention. Proper lubrication is essential for any vehicle or machine, and the grease gun is an effective delivery system for grease, oil, or lubricating oil. Because you can calculate exactly how many trips are allocated per trip, you can prevent the overflow of wasted products.

Long product life. Not only will properly lubricate your vehicle for a long and smooth ride but also a properly maintained filling gun will stand the test of time. This feature is especially useful if you are a regular grease-using hobby or professional mechanic.

Better saturation. Many delivery systems spray oil over the entire area of the component. The grease gun allows you to transfer grease with higher accuracy so that the parts are properly soaked.

Accuracy and speed. grease guns help to collect grease quickly and accurately. This is especially useful if you are a shopkeeper, where every minute counts. With a grease gun, you can fill the entire bottom of the car in about a minute, which is much faster than using a push tank or other delivery system.

Grease Gun?

To save money. Because the grease gun is very accurate, you can save a lot of money on additional products and parts. Properly lubricated parts will last much longer than poorly maintained parts, saving you money on replacement costs.

We're grease gun suppliers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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