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Construction Tools Used in Building

Construction Tools Used in Building

Construction projects require a variety of tools to accomplish different tasks, ranging from excavation and foundation work to finishing touches. Construction tools are an important part of any practitioner and as such play an important role in building construction. They enable work to be carried out faster, more efficiently and accurately. Commonly used construction tools include, but are not limited to:

Types of Construction Tools

-Hand Tools. Screwdrivers, brushes, small shovels, wrenches, and clamps - construction tools that require human power to operate - are very versatile and perform a variety of tasks both indoors and outdoors.

-Power Tools. Power construction tools use electricity to operate. They are usually available in both stationary and portable types. Portables have the advantage of mobility, while stationary power tools have the advantage of speed and accuracy.

-General Purpose Tools. These are tools such as shovels and hammers that can be used for any construction-related task. They vary in design and use, but all play an important role in the construction process.

Types of Construction Tools
​Masonry Tools Used in Construction
​Masonry Tools Used in Construction

1. Brick Trowel: Used for spreading mortar and placing bricks or blocks during construction.

2. Margin Trowel: Application: A smaller trowel for detailed work, such as spreading mortar in tight spaces.

3. Masonry Jointer: Creating a finished look for mortar joints by shaping and smoothing.

4. Masonry Brush: Cleaning excess mortar from bricks and giving a final touch to the joints.

5. Masonry Saw: Cutting through bricks, concrete blocks, or stone to achieve the desired size or shape.

6. Masonry Chisels: Cutting or shaping bricks, blocks, or stone by chiseling away excess material.

7. Masonry Hammer: Breaking bricks or stones into smaller pieces.

​Power Tools Used in Construction
​Power Tools Used in Construction

1. Power Drill: Drilling holes and driving screws. It may include corded or cordless variations.

2. Circular Saw: Making straight cuts in various materials, such as wood or plywood.

3. Table Saw: Cutting large sheets of materials with precision.

4. Jigsaw: Cutting curves and intricate patterns in wood, metal, or plastic.

5. Impact Driver: Driving screws with high torque, especially useful for heavy-duty applications.

6. Angle Grinder: Cutting, grinding, and polishing metal, stone, or concrete surfaces.

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