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Although clamps are popular among carpenters and hobbyists, they are not a common household tool.


Jun. 02 , 2021


Although clamps are popular among carpenters and hobbyists, they are not a common household tool.

What is a clamp?

The clamp grips other objects tightly. Clamps are very useful when clamping or sticking to wood, paper, plastic, or some metal materials. A paper clip is a simple clamp. There are many types of clamps to choose from. The C clamp is useful to clamp wood or metal; the hand screw is used to clamp angled wooden products; the clamping pressure is small when the spring clamp is glued; the bar and pipe clamp can fix larger parts; the net clamps tighten around large materials with a soft nylon webbing. Most clamps have an end face and an adjustable screw. Some, such as hand screws, have two screws.

How to use clamps safely

To use clamps safely, first determine which clamps are needed for the job. Then make necessary adjustments to the screws to fit the object. The spring clamp only needs to apply pressure on the handle to open the jaws of the clamp. Close the jaws around the object by turning the screw or releasing the handle. For safety, make sure that your fingers and skin are not pinched by the frame, screws, or jaws.

How to maintain the clamp

The clamps are simple to operate and usually do not require maintenance unless they are poorly constructed or abused. Depending on the complexity of the wear-prone parts, special clamps may require some maintenance.

Tools related to the clamp

Other useful grasping tools include pliers.

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